Monday, December 30, 2013

Just Married

I kept the "Just married" sticker on my car for well over 8 months. I had planned to keep it on for a year, but I couldn't handle the strange looks I was getting when I was driving around by myself. :-)

We just passed our first anniversary, and I feel just as newlywed as I did a year ago. Yet my disbelief at the turn of life events has not lessened any more over the year. This morning I journaled:

I still don't know how to mentally process the state of marriage. How do I stop feeling like a traitor to singleness??? How do I accept what I am now? Married. A wife. A woman with a husband. It is a new identity I simply cannot [seem to] adjust to. I took great pride in my identity as a happy single woman. I now take pride in my identity as a happily married woman and joy in filling that role. But I can't erase those feelings of being a traitor. WHY???
When will I stop feeling guilty for being the one who got married when I had friends who longed for marriage? I don't understand it. I wouldn't trade it for anything, but I keep wondering HOW to embrace my wonderful, blessed new identity without guilt. I know God does NOT intend for me to feel guilty for the amazing gift He has given me. A gift that grows more beautiful all the time. A gift that I came by honestly, faithfully, and obediently.

Insights anyone?

(pictures from Christmas day 2013 with half of our parents)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Home Makeovers

I have been so slack on blogging. I'm always trying to think of how to describe my life and it's changes, and have started volumes of drafts in my mind, but to catch up a bit for now, I'll stick with the external, physical changes, and just use pictures (click on them to see larger).

Home improvements keep continuing. The latest project was to remove the unloved stained glass window from the living room. It has gone from being covered by Clint Eastwood, to a lighthouse blanket, to taped scrap paper, and I forget what else. The full window is a great improvement indeed!!!

(Clint now stands proud in J's shop & the blanket on the guest bed)

Out with the old !!!

Thanks, mom and dad F, for all your help with this (and other) projects. I love you! It's so fun working with you––and just having you around in general. : -)

And in with the new:

It's so great to sit and enjoy the view of our our big maple and our neighbor's vineyards. And now the cooler weather, too (our other living room windows don't open). Yay!

NC Outer Banks Vacation

We set out for Ocracoke Island at 7:30 am on Friday. Had to be at the Cedar Island ferry by 5:00 pm so as not to lose our 5:30 reservation. Had to figure in time for naps. : -) Toted our bikes with us on the Honda.
Our first vacation together (if you don't count the honeymoon).

Enjoyed not having to drive for over 2 hours of the journey.

Beautiful sunset from the ferry

Saturday was a perfect day for the beach. Not blistering hot, but warm enough to get in the water.

Fascination with reflections on J's glasses

The clouds rolled in & made it chilly in the afternoon, so we enjoyed a DELICIOUS hot supper at "Jason's Restaurant" (no photo). Ate out of our cooler for most our meals.

It rained almost all day Sunday. Had brunch at the "Flying Melon." Good food, but we preferred the atmosphere of Jason's Restaurant (and the food). The rain finally let up enough around 4:00 for us to get out and ride around for a few hours, but it was WINDY! Nearly got blown down the beach.

Monday morning we loaded back up and started the journey home to the north, via Hatteras. Waiting for our ferry to arrive.....

On the ferry (30 min)...

Hatteras Lighthouse (had to lay down on the ground to get the whole thing in the photo)

Stopped at Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge and enjoyed a long walk with vast views

Cool tunnel through the bushes!

Bodie Island Lighthouse.

Final stop:  NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island. $8 each. It was ok. Not fantastic. Pushed through after that and got home at 1:30 AM, 16 hours after setting out from Ocracoke. Pooped!!! Agreed that we need to stay at least 5 nights next time to make the drive worth it. Live and learn. But it was great to be together and get away from home for a few nights.

Mr. Manis (Frack) is thrilled to have us home. Ok, thrilled to be back inside on the couch. And soaking up all the attention he can get.