Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Boys

Napping together.


My big boy....

A few weeks ago, we got me (SJ) a Carhartt jacket, 40% off. At home, Jason tried it on, and when he discovered he could zip it up, had these things to say:
"I'm glad to know I could wear this––if I was ever in a bind.... I could knock you out and take it."
Later he added:
"I basically bought myself an emergency jacket today."
HAHAHA! My man––with an XL dose of silliness in him––just the way I like it.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!

Hard work is beginning to pay off...

Azaleas, roses, dogwood (left), and our corn popping up! (above)

The first Saturday in April, Jason whipped the yard into action and started preparing for summer.


We gave the azalea bush a major haircut and hauled off over 2 truckloads from it (and later found out it was the worst time to prune azaleas––whoops!).

Mama Sue helped me pick out flowers at Lowe's and then helped with the planting. It's hard to believe the azalea bush took up all that space PLUS some! It was out of control.

Very sick but enjoying spring time in our beautiful adirondack chairs that Jason made (I got to help with the yellow one!).

Now and Then

With our washing machine out of order and our septic tank space ticking down like a time bomb, it's back to village life. Guess those years of washing clothes by hand are coming in handy. But oh what I wouldn't do now for that village setup! Ice cream tubs just don't compare to the big wash basins we had nor the hose to the gushing water out of the pvc pipe....

My Men ... and My Momma

This past weekend we flew down to Orlando for a few days for our first visit alone with mom and dad as a married couple. Unfortunately I was sick the whole time, and Jason was trying to recover from being sick last week. All our outing plans got cancelled one by one, including church, but on Saturday dad and Jason put up a pergola in the backyard!

See Momma in the background? She can't stay away from the dirt. Always pulling up weeds. : )

It was a good and timely visit. We hardly had the energy to take care of ourselves. Our house (NC) started falling apart last week while our bodies were falling apart.... The septic overflowed on Monday and we found out we need an entirely new system (current one built in 1939). Then our washing machine transmission & clutch died the next day. (but we are on such strict water conservation because of the septic, what difference does it make if we have a washer?) : ) After a grueling 50 days with trying to refinance our house, we signed the closing papers Friday night and put that awful process behind us.

Mom and dad gave us a real vacation. It was wonderful despite feeling crummy–– so good to get away from the madness.

The last time we were at this house, we were single. Weird.