Thursday, September 26, 2013

Home Makeovers

I have been so slack on blogging. I'm always trying to think of how to describe my life and it's changes, and have started volumes of drafts in my mind, but to catch up a bit for now, I'll stick with the external, physical changes, and just use pictures (click on them to see larger).

Home improvements keep continuing. The latest project was to remove the unloved stained glass window from the living room. It has gone from being covered by Clint Eastwood, to a lighthouse blanket, to taped scrap paper, and I forget what else. The full window is a great improvement indeed!!!

(Clint now stands proud in J's shop & the blanket on the guest bed)

Out with the old !!!

Thanks, mom and dad F, for all your help with this (and other) projects. I love you! It's so fun working with you––and just having you around in general. : -)

And in with the new:

It's so great to sit and enjoy the view of our our big maple and our neighbor's vineyards. And now the cooler weather, too (our other living room windows don't open). Yay!

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